Resolution of Appreciation for Lee C. Bollinger

June 26, 2023

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

This week marks the end of what will undoubtedly be one of the most consequential periods in the history of Columbia. Lee Bollinger has led this University to astonishing new heights and now leaves it primed for even greater excellence. The Trustees are immensely grateful for his leadership and proud of all that was accomplished during his presidency. Attached is a Trustee resolution that attempts to capture the depth of his contributions since his arrival in 2002. While these accomplishments stand on their own as deeply significant, it is the essence of Lee’s character that is most difficult to capture, and that is what we will miss most. As we prepare to welcome Minouche Shafik as our new president and set our sights on a new era, I extend our deepest thanks one more time to President Lee C. Bollinger on behalf of the entire Columbia community. 


Jonathan Lavine, Chair, on behalf of the Trustees of Columbia University

Resolution of Appreciation for Lee C. Bollinger