Governing Documents

By-Laws of the Trustees

The By-Laws of the Trustees specify the rules by which the Trustees operate. The By-Laws set the schedule of Trustee meetings, the election procedures for Trustee officers (chair, vice chair(s), clerk), and election procedures for Trustees. The role and powers of the Trustees' Standing Committees are also stated in the By-Laws.

Charters and Statutes of the University

In 1754, George II granted a royal charter to the Governors of the College in the Province of New York making them a corporate body to erect and maintain a college to be known as King's College for the instruction and education of youth in the learned languages and the liberal arts and sciences. The University Statutes are Columbia's primary administrative code. The Trustees must formally approve any new (or amend any existing) statute. The Statutes specify the academic and administrative structure of the university, as well as the responsibilities of the president, deans, faculties, and academic departments. The Statutes also specify the different kinds of academic officers and their duties.