Adam Pritzker

Adam Pritzker is an entrepreneur and philanthropist focused on building dynamic, forward-thinking organizations that are shaping the next generation of businesses and tackling the most pressing civic problems of our time.

Adam is the founding partner of Assembled Brands Group, a firm that partners with emerging direct-to-consumer companies to provide working capital, business insights, and a professional network to help scale their businesses. Under his leadership, Assembled Brands has incubated several successful companies, including Khaite, a leading digitally native luxury fashion brand.

In addition to his work with Assembled Brands, Adam is also a forward-looking investor and founding partner of Wholestack, an investment vehicle that supports early stage funds in emerging domains such as cryptocurrency, synthetic biology, regenerative agriculture, and more.

Prior to founding Assembled Brands and Wholestack, Adam began his entrepreneurial career as the co-founder of General Assembly, a pioneering co-working and education company focused on providing professional development and teaching the most in-demand technology, business, and design skills. Since its launch in 2011, General Assembly has trained over one million students at campuses across four continents.

Adam is also founding partner of The States Project, a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to win governing majorities in state legislatures across the country and promote smart, effective policies that will safeguard our democracy, protect individual rights and improve people’s lives.